Visible Avatars?

I love playing the Bullseye co-op mode with friends and I would really enjoy some more physicality when playing together! I imagine implementing this might be a difficult task, but maybe there could be an option so that when multiple players are standing at the same spot, they could see each other's 3D avatars in the world. The players could see which direction the other was looking and maybe the avatars could emote as well! A quick button to toggle the avatars on and off would make it so you could easily get them out of the way when needed for visibility. I imagine that only being visible to each other at the same exact spot would work best aesthetically, but being visible at a distance as well could give players context for each other's physical location and the layout of their environment. Being visible from a distance could add another dimension to playing co-op that could be interesting. Either way though, I'd love to see a game option for 3D avatars in-world and I think they'd add a really fun social element!


  • Hi Fen,

    Great suggestion and awesome ideas. I will forward this to the team!


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