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Vieing problems with your website.

I get dark screens and unloaded, blank images on your website. This is very unusual. I have a very good graphics card with plenty of memory and speed. Same with the memory card. I also have a very high speed internet connection with 90Mbits. There is no reason why the website should behave like this. It isn´t just in the game, as I noticed I even had trouble viewing this website± it sometimes goes dark.

Roderik Plas Report inappropriate content


  • Viewing problems is what the title should say.

    Roderik Plas
  • Hey Roderik. Sorry about this. There have been some users reporting this. The next time it happens, please paste the share and/or result link in here. You can find them on the summary view when the game is finished.

    That will help us further look in to the problem and perhaps remove the particular locations.

    Thanks for helping out!


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