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Very frustrating Catch-22 - Can't resume games

This problem has been occurring for a while. I stop playing in the middle of a game or round, in order to continue the next day. (I have a real life, like most players, which means I don't usually get to finish games in one day, unless of course I'm playing a challenge.) So I open up my browser the next day, and instead of my unfinished game, Geoguessr opens up a *new* game on the same map! But that's not all. When I go back to Ongoing Games and click Resume on the game that I had been playing, Geoguessr refuses to open it, and instead shows a screen with the dialogue box that says, "You have an unfinished game". If I choose "Resume the game", I get the same *new* game that opened before, not the actual one I selected. And of course, "Start a new game" is no help either.

It's a complete Catch-22.

I have sometimes been able to fix the problem by closing and opening my browser, but that does not always work. And we shouldn't have to do that anyway. It's ridiculous.

One result of this problem is that I end up with a huge list of ongoing games, most of which were created by Geoguessr, not started by me. If you are able to look at my list, you'll see a lot of them in round 1/5. Those are all the ones that the app created instead of the ones I wanted to resume.

Even if there are "workarounds" which you might recommend, like clearing the cache, we as paying players should not have to deal with this problem. Please fix this!

PS Using latest version of Chrome with latest Windows 10.
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