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Verified Maps

Wouldn't it be nice to increase the amount of 'Official Maps'? You could just add more maps, but you can also verify user-created maps who could feature in the 'Originial Maps', or even a new tab with 'Verified Maps'. Think about maps like 'Norway', 'Las Vegas', 'Africa'. You could make a feature in which the Geoguessr-Team can edit/add text to it, change title slightly, add a photo and such. It would be nice to have more Official/Verified maps and it also would motivate people to deliver new quality maps, because they might get verified, which means they will be played a lot. Just an idea, I don't know whether this is possible or not.


  • Hi George,

    Thanks for the feedback! We've been thinking about something like that, and I guess the listing with "editors choice" on the start page is something in that direction.

    I agree that we should highlight great maps better, there's a lot of hidden gems out there.

  • Hi Mikael,

    Thanks for the reply! Lovely to read, "editors choice" is indeed something in that direction and it would be great to see it become something bigger, more highlighted.

    Kind regards,

  • Following step would be a way to display all maps in the editor choice category. For now we have to spam F5 to roll the 3 maps displayed on the main page (which is probably not good for the server by the way).
  • Good point Mapper, I'll look into it..
  • I've added a landing page for the editors choice maps

    If you know any good candidates let me know!

  • Thanks, just missing a way to access it from the website (maybe make the Editor's Choice a link?).

    Also I would suggest this map by Simi:  That has the UNESCO sites, very interesting to play.

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