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Using mobile, create non timed daily challenges with friends

Hi, my friends and I are interested in having daily competitions on the same maps. I am struggling finding how to make this easily work
The “daily challenge” is timed, we don’t want that. 
I want to be able to use the mobile app to create a non timed, no move challenge with friends.  
The only way I found to do this is go into a web page, not on the app, goto classic, then challenge, then change settings, then invite friends. After I do that, they need to log into the website, check notifications,play the game, then switch to the mobile app and find it. The mobile app doesn’t allow creating challenges with friends, and the mobile app doesn’t allow you to see notifications, and the app doesn’t let you see games you were invited to.  
We would prefer an automated custom daily challenge we can all play each day and share our scores.


  • Hi,

    Thats not something that has been added to Mobile App yet, but at some point Im sure Challenges on classic Maps will be added there as well.
  • Can we get notifications on mobile? Right now this is my process:  I start a challenge on web and invite friends. They go into web, (sometimes click a few buttons to close summaries), go to the top right bell, click notifications, click play, click start game, leave the web, go into the app, swipe on the left box (typically infinity symbol), resume game. Feels like a lot of steps just because notifications isn’t in mobile. 

  • We have notifications on the App but have not expanded it to all actions, so it will most likely be added when we continue working on the app.

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