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Using captions in making maps as stories of giving clues while guessing

Hi I'd like the option of writing captions for locations when making a map, that can be seen on the page showing the real location after the player has made the guess.

Currently I'd like to do this as I've made a cemeteries map and I'd like the option of writing a note about who can be found inside cemeteries where there are no photographs of the inside (eg why have I picked a particular location).So instead of just a cemetery gate, after the person has guessed, I can say - this is where Hemmingway is buried (Idaho), or this is where Arthur C Clarke is buried (Sri Lanka), or this is where Kofi Annan is buried (Accra) etc.

It could also be an idea that the map maker has the option of giving a clue that the player can chose to be able to click on as an option. 

 But this captions feature could also allow really cool features like making a map into a story, or using maps to talk about your own life story.
Robert Ades


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