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Use of the US Explorer Mode Map for State Streak


I have been playing a lot more of the United States Explorer Mode Map lately, and I had just gotten a location in Downtown Washington DC today (see attached image), which is part of an area that never show up in US State Streak (as evidenced by the numerous reports you get of people spawning on the DC Border almost every time). I have also noticed that I have gotten a lot of locations on the Explorer Mode map that I have still yet to get in US State Streak after 1,000+ Rounds (Examples include: New York City, Long Island, Southern Connecticut, Honolulu Hawaii, and Eastern Rhode Island just to name a few), which is why I have played US State Streak less and less compared to the Explorer Mode map. I had originally hesitated to make this suggestion because its a little urban heavy but is it possible to port the United States Explorer Mode map into US State Streak as it just feels overall more functional than the map that the game mode (State Streak) currently uses. If this is somehow not possible, that would be unfortunate but I understand. Hopefully a solution can be found either through this or another method.


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