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Use of device location in placement on map

Hi! Just a friendly question about how the maps work. Does it take your device's current location into account when figuring out where to drop you? I've been playing the US map recently and I've noticed that it keeps dropping me anywhere but the region I'm in. I would assume if it does this it would be to make it more of a challenge since it would assume you wouldn't be as familiar with the areas.
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  • The game doesn't use your location. If it was, then I would never get Paris and lately this town is like in almost all the games.

    It depends of the place. Maybe your state isn't covered a lot by Streetview or the game. There is no way to know if the game has lot of locations in the US map. For the world map yoy can know: just go in the map editor, select polygon mode and draw a polygon around your area to know how many locations the world map has there.
  • Hi,
    As Mapper said the game doesn't take your location into account. If you want to play a regional map, search for the state or city or as Mapper suggested, build it with the new polygon tool in the map editor!


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