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USA panamint Springs

Thank you so much for this game which makes me travel on nice locations. I was happy when I discover a landscape who seems familiar to me. I was suddendly on the road 190 in USA which lead to Las Vegas across the Death Valley . I was twice there, and i know perfecttly the motel in the middle of nowhere called Panamint springs... I was two times there for a rest. I was precisely on this point and when I made my guess, your matchpoint flag was 7 kilometers ahead ! what a surprise. :-(

Greetings from Switzerland

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  • Hi Corine

    Thank you for writing to us and for trying the beta! It's great to hear that you happened to hit a location that you're familiar with.
    Do you happen to have the share-url for this game (you can see it when you click menu on the end result dialog and then click the share-url button)? This would give us enough information to be able to investigate the problem.

    Kind regards


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