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URGENT - GeoGuessr is down

Help ! My colleagues and I started a league at work, we play every lunch time.
We tried connecting today and we are receiving a message saying GeoGuessr is not secure? That the HTTPS certificate has expired.

Please fix this as soon as possible.


  • yes please, i am one of the colleague, it is urgent
  • Pleeeease!
    What do we have to do now if we can't play? Work?
  • Pleaaaaaase !!!
  • Sorry! We're on it..
  • We believe in you Mikael.
    You are the best.
  • I cannot access the UK version today;  I've been playing it for years.  When I try to log on the only screen that appears has only five options to choose from--daily challenge, group accounts, favorite maps, merchandise, and plat a random map.  I have no interest in any of them.
    I've been a subscriber for several years and want--and expect--to access the UK version immediately. Please advise.
    Harvey Schmidt
  • Hi guys,

    We had a really bad day.. It should be under control now and we hope that we have the cloud gods on our side tomorrow.

    We are really sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Everything's back to normal here, but...have you any idea why geoguessr tends to go "askew?"  It seems to be happening more often this year then before.  Is it some sort of malware trying to infect the program?  
    Death to the purveyors of malware!

    Harvey Schmidt
  • hehe, this time it was our own fault..

    We did a major release a couple of weeks ago and hopefully everything will be a lot smoother from now on (except from some small bugs or things we've missed in the update)


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