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Unpublished maps are buried in the "New Maps" section

Thank you so much for allowing us to not publish upon saving maps.  The only issue is that once you decide to publish them, they do not appear at the top of the new maps section.  I would love to create a world map akin to "A Diverse World," but am hesitant to do it until this is fixed, as I fear nobody would be able to find it.

We recognize and appreciate your recent efforts and changes to geoguessr, thank you for being so open with the community recently.


  • I noticed the same, I remember making a post about this but, even with the "Publish" options added, it doesn't solve the original problem of been able to Publish a map and make it visible on the Recent maps, right when it was published, and not when it was saved for the first time.

    I'm also waiting on this feature to be able to make bigger maps and have better exposure of them. Otherway, as you mention they get buried and people wont find them unless the searching for something specific.
  • Yes, still not working as intended as it was the reason of the original suggestion for the publish setting. I spent time making a new map, and it never showed up in new maps because of this.

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