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Unnecessary UI change

Why can't you hide the search/account bar at the top of game? It just takes up space and makes your screen that much messier, even when in full screen mode.

Also, why can't you click on the correct location flag anymore and have it take you google maps in the same spot? It seems like there was no reason to take this away.

This is a great game but these are just unnecessary changes.


  • Adding to comment on the recent UI change:
    It wasnt broken, why change it?
    -- If map is zoomed to maximum, it hides the time remaining. Not good.
    -- I liked to see if my score made it into the top 50. That is now gone, I see only the top 24 scores. I don't have multiple logins and I don't use google search, so it is unlikely I will ever be in the top 24, but I often scored near to or better than player number 50.
    Jim (binthere)
  • Hi, thanks for the feedback! Most of the stuff should be fixed now.


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