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Unlocked maps suddenly became locked again.

I had been playing the GeoGuessr app on iPad for a few months and it is a fun game, but suddenly I lost all the maps I had unlocked. I didn’t do anything, it just suddenly happened while I was playing. I still had the coins I had, but all the maps I had unlocked were now locked again for no reason at all. 1000 coins and a lot of time wasted. I didn’t change my email account or anything. Is it possible to fix this?


  • Hey Benjamin,

    Did you use another email before when loggin in than the one you are writing from? Or can you login with this email and click on Locked Maps and "Sync now" and see if you get access to them?

  • No, I didn’t change email.
  • Hi,

    It does not look like you are logging in with this email in the app.

    Can you send an email to and we can have a further look.


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