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Unable to use my one "free game" of the day

Today was the first day in quite a while that I tried to play Geoguessr, but instantly ran into multiple problems. First, I discovered that just recently non-pro users could only play one game per day. While at first annoyed by this news, I understand that a game like this is expensive to run and could look past this. So after carefully choosing the map I wanted to play, I was instantly greeted by a page telling me to turn off my adblock, again annoying but understandable. After I turn off my adblock and try to get into the only game I thought I would be able to play for the next 24 hours, I was given a screen that said I had no more games left for the day. I tried reloading the same map and trying different ones and I even checked the ongoing games section in my profile, but nothing was there. This series of events is extremely frustrating as I only play once in a blue moon, therefore not justifying the subscription plans, but I really do enjoy playing this game. From what I could find, these changes were recently put into place and could possibly be bugs to be ironed out, but I am just overall disappointed with my (attempted) experience with Geoguessr today.
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