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Unable to start games, please help me fillip I beg you? (BUG / ISSUE)

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Hello filip I am corey, a geoguessr sweat I play in tourneys and so on, I got a script from that was supposed to pixelate the scene for further difficulty, but instead it made so many local game instances and the server doesn't let me play locally anymore ( everything else is still functional, I tried to fix it but the server is returning 'SuspendedUser', I can still play Duels / Competitive,
I can also still play if I create a challenge as seen in the GIF and also parties, the only thing that I cannot do which is the most annoying is that I cannot play locally and singleplayer excluding the above, I've reported that plugin and it has gotten removed, I have also removed all of the local game instances that it made on my account (On going games), I have grinded geoguessr so hard this year and I'd love to be able to continue in my journey as a 101+ Level player and my yearly pro sub,
and will continue to support the community.


  • I've genuinely been grinding.
  • Hi,

    A 24 suspension kicked in when you started a lot of games in short time period. I have removed it now so you are good to go 👍

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