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Two suggestions: forced location order and avoiding repeated locations

Hello! I have two suggestions to improve the game.

1) Allow users and map creators to select the order in which their curated locations will appear to the players. Some of my maps are thematic and I would like for all players who play them to start on my handpicked Location 1 and end the game on Location 5. Currently I have to generate dozens of randomized seeds of the same map to get the order that I want, so that would be cool addition! 

2) Avoiding repeated locations. This concerns maps with a low amount of locations (more than 5, but lower than 1000) but it can apply to all maps. One thing  hate about playing maps such as US cities with only 70 locations is that I start getting repeats on my second seed even though there should be 65 more locations, some of which I have yet to see because of all the repeats. This should be avoidable by logging which locations I have already gotten... therefore if a map has 70 locations I should be able to play 14 full games without getting any repeats. This might be hard to implement for challenges because there are several players involved but I don't see why it couldn't be implemented for solo players.


  • Hi Andrew!

    Thanks for the suggestions! The first one is on the wishlist for Map-making, so hopefully we can deliver on that down the line.

    In terms of repeated locations, its also something we are looking into and we have some ideas on how it will be mixed up a bit in the future. 🙂


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