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Two separate issues - zooming in and another hard to describe one

So there's this ongoing problem where sometimes, usually if I am not in full screen mode, the marker map extends beyond the frame and I can't reach it to click either the reduce map button or - even more annoyingly - the zoom in button, so I couldn't even guess if I wanted to. Super duper annoying. Sometimes going to full screen fixes it. Sometimes the map just randomly increases in size in the middle of a game.

I have been gritting my teeth and dealing with that particular problem because I can usually get it to eventually work (although I usually lose the game), but the last two days a new problem has cropped up and prompted me to finally report it.

When I click the zoom in plus button the screen goes blank with the words "Click to escape full screen mode" - anyway, something to that effect. It also happens when I click on the zoom out button. It takes it a second, but the image does come back...but for someone who zooms in and out a lot those seconds really add up!



  • Hi Louise,

    Sorry to hear that, what browser are you using? Could you try in another one to see if the issue might be related to that? I can't really recreate it here.

    have a great day!

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