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Two questions about making a quiz

a) it seems I'm limited to 50 locations, do you get more if you upgrade to pro? Because I see plenty of quizzed with hundreds of locations.

b) whenever I play a quiz, each round is 5 questions. Is there an options to make it that way instead of playing all rounds?


  • Hi,

    No the current limitation is 50 in a quiz.

    Not sure what you mean that each round in quiz is 5 locations, are you referring to the Single Player Maps? If so, thats not something that can be changed since one game is 5 rounds.
  • So were the maps with more than 50 made before the limit was implemented?
  • We have not had over 50 questions in a Quiz. If you are referring to Maps there is no real limitation of how many locations can be in it.
  • Ah my apologies, I was looking to make a map not a quiz- that you need a pro account for?
  • Yes that is correct!

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