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Two player?


I love this game and I used to play it a lot with a friend living far away. Now I really like what you guys have done with the new version! It looks fantastic and works great. But I would really like to keep playing with my friend. Is there any way to do two player GeoGuessr? If not, it would be so much fun!

All the best and thanks again for a great game,

Sam D


  • I'm going to assume that what you are talking about is playing a game for the first time along with another person on another computer playing the same game.

    Currently, the only way to do this is to use the retro version of Geoguessr to create a challenge link.

    Using the retro version (, you can click on 'set time limit/create challenge' and you will be given a challenge link that includes your time limits. To clarify, you will receive the link prior to playing the game (unlike the current version, which only gives you a challenge link after you complete the game). You can then send the link to whomever you want, and coordinate your game via other means.

    This may change, as the team have said that they're working on changes to the existing challenge system.

  • Hi guys,

    As nicepants said, we're on it, it's our highest priority. At the moment we're working on rebuilding the challenge functionality from the ground up. This will allow us to have a much greater freedom in adding new features regarding multiplayer options.

    I think it's going to be really cool, stay tuned for updates and thanks for your feedback!


  • the maps are so fun
    virginia bryant
  • Hey, thanks!
  • but is there a possabile for me and my friend dahrea
  • Hi Virginia

    To play a game with a friend you can create a challenge on the map of your choice by clicking the orange challenge button. After you have created the challenge you can then send the challenge link to your friend. By using the same link you and your friend will compete on the same locations and your scores will be compared.

    Kind regards,
  • i don't understand
    pls like
  • Can i play local multiplayer like on mobile??
  • Can i play local multiplayer like on mobile??
  • ameno latire latire
    leojaden canal antigo
  • I want to play with someone collaboratively, not competitively.  She is isolated in hospital.  Is there a way to do that?
  • Hi Patricia,

    Sorry but that isn't possible at the moment, I guess you could play a challenge at the same time and talk on the phone, then it's sort of like your playing together but you both have to guess.

  • Hello! How do you play challenge on free mode?
  • Hi,

    It's only possible to create challenges with a pro subscription. However you can accept and play challenges as a free member.


  • I want to play a pro version with my wife, how do I pay for two plans?
  • Hi, I have a Pro subscription and play with my son since 3 or 4 days but many times I can't see his guess or he can't see mine.
    Other times we get black screens.
    Is there anything I can do to solve these issues?


    Luis Vina
  • Be sure to generate a challenge link and share it for your son. You have to play the same challenge link to see your guesses.

    About black screens, they're from pictures that are not from Google but third-party users. Try to find maps that don't have them. My own map "A Diverse World" is an example of maps with way less black screens.
  • Hey,
    Is there any possibility to challenge friends (both having the pro version) for more then one game, but to keep the count going, or at least be able to look at the score of older challenges? Would be great to follow the challenge-pattern somehow 😀
  • I agree with Fritz, id love to see past games and stats. My buddy and I enjoy playing each other. Itd be great if we could both see where the other went, and to see the final game score in a history or some sort.

  • how can me and my friend join a full lobby of battle royal. Just now we can only play 1vs1 or I can join a full lobby but they can't join with me.
    Peter Cringle
  • BTW, I've found that two can play collaboratively over zoom - we take it in turns sharing your screen and having control, but both people can see what is going on and make suggestions.   Cheap, safe  travel in a covid time?
  • Hi
    my girlfriend and I loved playing the 2 player version on pass and play. We’ve just seen it’s now changed to a subscription version. That is ok as we loved the game but the 2 player option is gone and we are hugely disappointed. Are you planning on bringing this back. We won’t be subscribing on the current version.

  • Hi Clive,

    We are discussing the Pass n Play and we shall see if we can add it on to the app in the future!


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