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Tower Bridge Famous Places wrong location.

In the famous places map when you get dropped on the Tower Bridge in London it registers incorrectly. The game drops you on the north side of the bridge, but the game's "right location" is on the southern side of the bridge closer to Southwark. I get this one a lot doing the famous places map and as a Londoner it's a bit bothersome.

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  • Hi Josh

    Thank you for bringing it to our attention! Most likely it's due to an error in Google's location services and in that case there, unfortunately, isn't much we can do. However, we'll definitely look into it and see if there's anything we can do.

    Kind regards

  • Yeah, this happens sometimes with geoguessr. I've just done one in the 'famous places' thing in Prague, and correctly identified myself as having been dropped in the South West corner of the courtyard immediately West of the Matthias Gate, but geoguessr claimed the correct location to be on other side of the wall of this courtyard, in the main square where the statue of Tomas Garrigue Masaryk is - about 40m wrong. I checked and double-checked and I was definitely right... geoguessr has made a mistake in this instance!
    Kai Kell
  • It's likely not GeoGuessr but the data provided by Google that is wrong. Probably Google returned a third-party photosphere that was misplaced by whoever uploaded it on Maps. To know if it is non-official data the bottom right corner of the screen should mention something else than "2020 Google".

    People like you and me can take 360 pictures and upload them on Google Maps, and very often people won't check if the GPS coordinates are correct and on top of this there have been quite a lot of issues from Google when uploading pictures, they often go in wrong places... I personally experienced this with my own pictures that get misplaced despite of correct GPS data and still can't find a way to correct them as Google is no help.

    Sadly there is no way to fix this as even Google won't pay attention. The game devs can maybe increase the minimal distance before we start losing points, that would be the only way to counter the issue.

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