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Too much Scandinavia in Daily Challenge

My brothers and I play the daily challenge every day to compete with each other, but there's a Scandinavian country pretty much every day, and 3 yesterday.

Is there something wrong with the formula? Any chance it can get fixed?


  • Hi Eric,

    The selection is based on ratings from other users, maybe Scandinavian locations are over represented in the selection pool.

    A suggestion is to create your own daily challenge, if you create a league with challenges starting everyday you could play any map you like with just your brothers.

  • We had 3 from Sweden today, all in the same part of Sweden. The fun is going out of it now.  I think you need to decide who your target audience is, and if you want it to be global then you'll need to change the weighting of the formula.
  • Agreed. The game is heavily loaded towards : East Coast / Mid West US, Scandinavia, Russia , Mexico and Brazil.
    Africa and Asia are almost non existent (despite having over half of the worlds population) . UK seems non existent. Most of Central Europe appears one in a hundred.
    It’s not good enough simply stating that users should make their own maps - if you’re promoting (and trying to monetise) a global game - then you need an algorithm that makes it global. Otherwise make it free and we accept the limitations - but providing a broad set of locations, with a truly global spectrum - is the responsibility of the site owners - don’t push that responsibility back on players. Not when you’re charging for it......
  • I agree that the location diversity is a bit low, that was the reason I created my own world map. But you need to take in account the coverage of Google Street View which is used by the game. The issue with Asia and Africa is that Street View is not covering a lot of countries there. On 54 African countries only 10 are covered, mostly partial or low coverage, and on 53 Asian countries only 23 are covered, and that's counting small territories like Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore etc. With just India, China, Ethiopia, Egypt and DRC excluded (since not covered) it's already half of the people living in Asia and Africa less represented. On another side Europe and America are almost fully covered, USA being the largest country with a complete coverage. Larger covered countries will appear more frequently, that's just basic maths. If you look at the coverage on Google Maps you'll notice the eastern half of the USA are very covered as more populated than the west half, this is why you get east coast and midwest far more than the west.

    Central Europe includes Germany and Austria, which have very limited coverage, so that's already a huge gap that reduces the chances a lot. UK on its side is well covered so that's not logical indeed.

    About the fact they're trying to monetize the game, that's because Google dramatically increased their prices (yes, GeoGuessr pays Google every time you load the game screen) and they had to limit the free game to avoid bankruptcy. Before the game was free, but that's not possible anymore... Other similar games like 80 Clicks or the GeoGuess Android app had to do the same, or shut down with immediate effect. So when you get a pro, you actually give a part of the money to Google, not GeoGuessr.
  • I think the Geoguessr staff explained the problem very reasonably - they'll just have to decide if they want to rethink the formula.

    Logically we all get the fact that the game should be dominated by the countries with the most roads on Streetview, so you'd expect lots of America, Canada and Russia, Brazil, etc. In terms of total paving though, streets make up a huge chunk, so it's surprising we don't see more city locations.

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