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To use Go Pro without creating an account.

I want to use Go Pro without creating an account.
Because I’ll only use it for a month.
I feel annoying to delete it after creating an account.
I have PayPal.


  • It is impossible. You must have an account to save your payment information and cancel the subscription. How can the game know it is you if you don't have an account? Also PayPal only enables the yearly subscription so you can't just have a month using it.
  • It's exactly as you said.thank you.

  • Dear Mapper.

    I decided to create an account with a game email address.
    I'm a fishman I asked yesterday (, (I got your answer yesterday, thank you) I decided to recreate my account.
    So, I wish I could use Go pro without an account.
    But you told me it wasn't possible, so I decided to recreate my account as Leo!

    Thank you for your kind answer.
    Thanks Mapper.

    From Fishman / Leo.

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