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Tips or suggestions on how to improve my play.

I'm a geography-nerd, likely like most of the others who have joined your herd, and would very much benefit on hearing tips on how to better get to a more consistent level of play. Any specific suggestions that might help would be greatly appreciated. Clearly, many of us have more time on our hands now that we're all dealing with C-19, and I'm always eager to improve. Regards, Steve Peter
Steve Peter


  • Hi Steve,

    You should head over to they might have some suggestions and competitions you can join.

    good luck!
  • I'd actually say language knowledge is the biggest help. If you can at least identify words in various languages (Russian's the one I have the hardest time with!) you waste a lot less time trying to work out which words on signs tell you where you are.
    Occasionally I do rely on auto-translation via OCR for signs in non Roman-alphabets, but if you're playing against the clock that can fraught.
    But basically the longer you play the better you get at recognising places just from the style of road signs etc.  You should be able to guess the continent virtually immediately, and even the country too 3 times out of 4.  It's narrowing it down to the last few km that takes all the time!
    Dylan Nicholson
  • As an example I just had a game where the signs were both in Italian and what appeared to a similar but unfamiliar language, so I guessed it must be near the border with Slovenia. With that knowledge I was able to find the town on the map pretty quickly.  In at least one other case I determined the country from the domain of a web-site address (though I already had a pretty good idea), and it happened to be a small enough country and a major enough city that it wasn't too hard to find.
    Dylan Nicholson

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