Timed vs 1 game per day

10 minutes is not enough to do anything useful.  This is a terrible change.  If you are trying to drive people away, this will do it.  If revenue is an issue, put in ads between rounds like many free app games do.
Just my two cents


  • Agreed this is so fucking stupid. I would rather have like a minute of ads every round than this or provide regional pricing so we can actually buy the game.
  • GeoGuessr is a real meanie 🙁
  • I haven't checked but I don't think I have ever finished ONE game in a round of 5 within 10 minutes. I have liked looking right and left of the road at landscapes and settlements, looked for animals in the fields or took screenshots of foreign building styles. In short, I have enjoyed the game.

    10 MINUTES??? What if I have to go pee in between? You want me to be racing through the game? No way.

    I'll keep my account to the end of the year, hoping that you decide to return to one round - per day, per week or whatever time frame. If not, sadly, you have lost another player. My low OA pension does not allow me taking out costly subscriptions.

    Thank you for the good times your game has given me until today.
  • What the fuck is this new update? Seriously, how stupid could you be? I mean, cmon, this is pathetic. Surely you understand that 10 minutes isn't enough. You guys won't listen to this feedback or else you wouldn't have done it. Seriously the most fucked up update I've ever seen, on any game. If you actually listened to feedback and/or acknowledge this page, you would change it back. Seems like I'll never be playing the game again. Disappointing.
    Dumbest Update
  • cya geoguessr, never playing again, it would take 10 mins to actually load the game smfh
  • We will push out a new update on a few hours from 10 to 20 minutes 🙂
  • 20 minutes still sucks.  You have to know what real users actual times are.  I do well to finish in 30. Perhaps the cheaters are driving that number and you can't stop and ask yourselves if maybe you should ignore bogus data.

    Even the one game per day was stupidly implemented. You had to remember each day when you started the previous day. You lost time every day if you didn't play exactly 24 hours from your last start.

    What's wrong with a 24 hour clock that starts the same time every day?  Pick a time zone and go midnight to midnight like virtually EVERY other app uses a clock?
  • Yeah we do, we are basing the time out of data. But sure some that spend 1-3 hours on a Map will of course not like this new system.

    We will look into the reset-time of the timer 👍
  • Absolutely terrible decision that will drive away casual users like me who played this game to relax. I understand a limit of one game a day. I understand that if I want more I will have to pay, but 20 minutes? Outrageous.
  • 20 min? It is terrible. Try yourself to found out even something on this location. 20 minutes of the empty road and some trees. Nothing else! No cars, no signs, no houses, no ads! You will not found anything even when spend an hour!

  • Play another world map, the default World map is not the best at all.
  • Let’s not blame the choice of any particular map. The issue is the ridiculous 20 minute time limit

    But your post does serve to illustrate that all maps are not created equal. It would follow that a universal time limit on play would make some maps essentially unplayable.
  • 20 minutes!!1 ))) Goodbye until you take it all back..
  • kinda makes you feel taken for granted doesn't it... on both the player side and the creator side

    there is no incentive to create maps and there is no incentive to shell out a few beans when you have them spare.

    the sad reality is people will find better things to do.

    FTP is a necessity for this game. you truly need to sort your funding source out.

    And the cheating.... wow
  • I haven't played at all since the new time restriction started. I see that you tried to sweeten the pill by saying that Ie could now play any game, but that doesn't interest me. All I want is to complete one game in one sitting, however long it takes. During most games I get interrupted by my kids for some reason or other, and the timer will keep going no matter what. I'm pretty sure I'll get frustrated and angry when I can't finish the current game because of the time limit, so I'm not even going to bother with it.
  • https://www.geoguessr.com/game/ou0qzL6rMkfaNxTp

    As soon as this opened, I closed the game. free 20 minute session, binned because it stands a good chance I am simply throwing 20 minutes of my life away for a game I can't finish the first round on.
  • 5 minutes... 15 minutes... what??? I can't delete my account as promised, because then I can't check whether or not you have returned to sanity. There seems to be no way to discover the current restrictions when you are not logged in. Nice way of cheating new customers!

    Profoundly disappointed,

    PS: You should have explained your problem to your regulars, perhaps they would have come up with some sensible suggestions. If it is about running expenses, what about Go Fund Me or some such site? I for one would happily donate a sum but never take a recurrent subscription.
  • First time I've logged on in a while, planning on playing the 5 location world game for relaxation. What!!!!!! I don't care to play any of the other maps or make my own maps or do any of the other options that are now available. This new regime does not make sense for the occasional player. If its money, put in an ad between locations. If you're just trying to make the game more obnoxious, you've succeeded. One game a day, no time limit, was doable. This is not.
  • Doesn’t it say "20 minutes" in the FAQ? I just registered an account, and for me it says "5 minutes". Are you serious or is this a bug??!
  • Used to play the Daily Challenge once a day to get the brain juices going or just to kill a little time. Didn't mind the ads either. Since that's no longer an option I won't be back until changes are made.
    Jeffery Ledington
  • Unfortunately, the recent free-play time limit has ended my enjoyment with GeoGessr, and thus destroyed any chance that I would have enough motivation to invest in a membership.
    I feel like the creators asked a question: "How can we take a limit of one game per day and make things less appealing for potential players or members?"
    Well, this is the response...
    Rob DuMond
  • It is unplayable now

  • It now says (five* minutes with a 10 minute cooldown. This makes the Daily Challenge 35 minutes instead of 15, with more than half spent on waiting for the game to be functional.
  • It now says (five* minutes with a 10 minute cooldown. This makes the Daily Challenge 35 minutes instead of 15, with more than half spent on waiting for the game to be functional.
  • A few days before, I found the 'PLACE YOUR PIN ON THE MAP' are shrinking to approprate area.

    Thanks for the very nice job!
  • Sorry I have post the wrong place.
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