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Timed game but one timer for the whole game

An idea I had in mind and other people sometimes ask too: a timer that runs for the whole game. Instead of setting the time that will be used for each round, set a timer that will be the same for all the rounds. For example I set a timer of 10 minutes and we have to complete the 5 rounds in 10 minutes (instead of having 2 minutes per rounds). If I take 3 minutes for the first round then I'll have 7 minutes left for the 4 next rounds.

This would force strategical choices, as "do I go fast on the first rounds in case the last round is a hard one" or "do I try to get a perfect on this round and hope next rounds won't be too hard" etc.

Timer would stop after a guess is made and resume after starting the next round. This setting would be a checkbox next to the timer setting to switch between timer / round and timer / game modes.


  • That's a very interesting idea! I like that it'd introduce a new strategic element to the game.

    I'll make sure to keep this in mind when we explore new game modes!

  • An option to be able to revisit previous rounds when you're done would make it more strategic and less of a gamble.

    It would allow you to move between rounds freely and it would remember the last minimap click you made in each round even if you didn't lock in the guess. On any round if you hit "Guess" then you are locked in and can no longer update that round. If the total timer runs out, then the last clicks you made would become guesses.

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