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This is the second time this happened. Is this punishment for using the free version?



  • This is one of the Mapillary gross error locations, you must have been in the French street with the fuzzy red car and limited movement. There are over thirty of these error locations which will dump you in the sea, or into uninhabited locations. Perhaps I should publish a list of them on this site, because as soon as one pops up you lose any chance of a near maximum score.
  • Hi,

    yeah there are some locations that are wrong and it happens that street views are changed or removed. The best thing to do is to report the game url to us so that we can have a look and remove/update the location.

    thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience!

  • By url I assume you mean the, for instance, [this is the one containing the corrupt location in question], does this give you the group of five Mapillary locations, for it is of Mapillary we speak? This could be a long process, waiting for them all to appear, because, for instance there are at least seven locations in Detroit, same vehicle and up-loader, where the result given is always the same, in the ocean near King island, Alaska. Or should I address these corrupt locations direct to Mapillary.
  • Hi,

    thanks! That's enough for me to remove the broken locations on our side.
    Looking at the location in mapillary,

    Something seems broken with their map as well (I can't zoom out) so if you like you can report it to them as well since they seem to be the source of the error.

    I've removed the images from the broken sequence in your game now at least.

  • It's just misplaced data, the green dots are actually on the very top border. If you keep zooming out you'll eventually see the map appearing.

    Always report this to Mapillary as only them can fix the problem.
  • ah! I see.. I gave up after 25 clicks 😀
  • I first reported this to Mapillary on 15 October 2019. Now I've done it again on their own reporting form, and we will never see it again because it's been removed as a target by Geoguessr.

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