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the time factor...

Hi guys

Awesome game, and good to see the new version.

I just feel you should include the time one takes to guess in calculating the points. If you prefer not to change the game this way for everyone, then incorporate a version of the game that does and one that doesn't take time into account.

Also, looking forward to the missing parts of the world whenever pictures may become available (India, Indonesia, most of China and the Middle East, Argentina etc.) I'd also say, for the US and Australia you could get rid of the old fuzzy shots.

Keep well, and keep up the good work!

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  • Thanks Serban. Glad you like the new version. We'll likely add more factors (including time) weighted into our score algorithms as soon as we find a formula that is fair and works well for different maps, settings etc. You can play a timed game by clicking on the gear next to the play button.

    We're also working on more maps as we speak. This pretty much sums up what's so awesome about the GeoGuessr players such as yourself; you tell us when you miss features and give us super awesome ideas on how to improve the game futher.

    Many thanks,

  • Thanks Erland, for the prompt reply.
    Having not seen everybody's score-by-time data, this is just a guess, but here goes my five cents' worth: maximum score for anything less than ten seconds. Drop this to half by one minute, half it again by six minutes, and again by one hour. This would be more or less logarithmic, though you may want to add a long tail for even longer times (this would not have been necessary for distance, because distance is not unlimited as time is).
    Anyway - once again, great game!

  • Hello again. Thanks! The idea about having an "always enabled" timing penalty is interesting. We'll bring it into our massive discussions about scoring!



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