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The screen is blurred quite often

I have a subscription and pay every month, but I cannot play because the screen is blurred! It happens in all browsers, in anonymous window as well. It irritates me because I can't play when I want.
I really enjoy GeoGuessr but if this problem won't be fixed I'll stop my subscription as I don't want to pay money for nothing.
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  • Have you tried playing on a faster internet connection?

  • 91.02 Mbps must be enough I suppose.
  • No response yet.. but issue still exists.
  • Well this is probably a problem from Google. What happens if you try using Street View on
  • It works perfect on Google Maps

  • Problem is only in GeoGuessr.
  • I have the same issue, any fix?
  • No fix, they just ignore it
  • This could be related to the browser or plugins/extensions. And some that have had the issue has resolved it by disabling this in the browser or trying some of the tips we have for Black Screen here.

    In case its still an issue and its not playable, send us an email to

  • It's not about plugins/extensions. It doesn't work in any browser or anonymous window or without any extensions.
    The thing I noticed, when I using my working VPN, it works.
    From regular network it doesn't. Sometimes it works though, but most of the time it doesn't.
    But since I registered it used to work without any problems 6 months, then this issue arose.
  • I have the same problem, did you find any solution yet?
  • It work good the previous month. But starting from September it is blurry again.
    So no one actually cares about this bug.
  • Because very few get this problem and the reason is probably unknown as it is linked to a third-party service (Google). This makes it very hard to find the source of the problem.

    Maybe this can help, some people tried yesterday and it worked for them:

    You may not have the line in your file, in this case you can't do anything with those instructions.

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  • thank you so much, it worked!

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