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The redesign of the buttons on the game result screen isn't very good

A few days ago, you rolled out a new design of the buttons on the game result screen. Problem is, it isn't a very good redesign.

There are several issues. I will highlight two, but in truth, the most simple solution would be to simply revert to the previous button layout design.

1 - The "next map" button is not very good. It takes me to a screen with the default maps, which I never play, because I prefer custom world maps like ACW. I accidentally click it all the time however, since it is in such a prominent position.

2 - More importantly, using the back button on my browser has now become useless. Previously, if I wanted to back out on a seed (mostly because of a bad guess/missing a country), I could just click back. However, that has now become useless, because it just takes me to a previous seed. This breaks the game's flow when playing streaks or high score attempts on custom maps (note that I am NOT talking about the official streaks mode, which I don't play).

By the way, this is not something only I found problematic. This is an issue that many experienced players have had with this new design.


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    This should be a big priority, the default browser features (like the back button) were implemented so well on the Geoguessr website. Something has changed however, and now the back button indeed takes me back to a previous round, which is absolutely useless. There is no way to go back to the game start screen (the one where you set your parameters and time limit) apart from playing through the whole seed, which I don't want to do sometimes. After countless hours played, this is such a hard change, that it completely interrupts the gameplay flow for anyone who got stuck with that muscle memory.

    The next map button is also a confusing change. Many players play the same map over and over again many times, it makes no sense to have the primary, highlighted button, be the one that takes you back to the homepage, instead of the configuration screen mentioned above.

    This are once again some out of touch decision made by the developers. Maybe this change is aimed at the casual audience? but even then I just don't see the advantage of getting rid of back button functionality and this new "next map" button.
  • Thanks for the feedback, we have just started to look at these options and the game summary.

    I will forward this info to ur team!


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