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The picture of the location is black/blank.

I have trives several telephones and I-Pads and the picture of the location is always black when I use my profile.
Johannes Agdal


  • Hi Johannes,

    We are working on the app so hopefully it will be resolved with a new version. What game mode are you playing? Have you tried on desktop and see if it works better? Or perhaps Google Chrome on the iPad?

  • i have the Same proble. I use IPad…

    and another problem i had sometimes the guess-Button disapears…
  • Thanks for raising this Gudrun!

    Do you play in the App or in the browser? If you play in the browser I would recommend using the app instead since it should work better.

    If the issue is with the App, if you have not already you can update the iOS to the latest version. In case there are further issues send this on to and we can look further into it.


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