The New Map Maker


I for sure will miss the 'old' Map Maker when it's replaced with the new one. All of its buttons are accessible immediately and the design is simple, yet effective.

While the new one brings new features to the table (find locations, overlay and autosave) - which are neat - they, along with the expanded terrain options, could've been integrated in the easy-to-use current one. These expanded features sure are nice, although... some others are missing! I know you can click somewhere else to cancel now, but I can't seem to find any way to directly open the location on Google Maps.

I also know the dark theme goes and fits the current GeoGuessr design, but I can't unsee it feeling like a submarine with this small dark border around it. 😅

I'm sure the 'photospheres', 'no unpublish button' and 'view on google maps' have been brought to your attention already.
The limited and almost claustrophobic feel, along with features hidden behind extra buttons might be new however.

By now.. uh... thanks for reading through. I doubt the old one will stay, but a revamped version, together with those new features, while keeping its easy-access and 'basic' layout (a positive thing), would always be appreciated! :P

Kind regards,



  • Am I right that it's no longer possible to play unpublished maps? That would be pretty horrible.
    Dadge City
  • Thanks for the feedback!

    I'll forward it to the team!

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