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The major bug that has been around for at least 2 months. Hellooo?

When I am playing a normal mode with a friend, the correct country that Geogessr claims does not belong to my round but belongs to my friend's round instead. In other words, Geogessr wants me to guess my friend's map, not the map I'm playing. Furthermore, the game sometimes does not respond to my clicks to guess. It just freezes and that's it. The first time I encountered this issue was 2 months ago and I tried at least 4 times since then. Nothing has changed.

What are you guys doing? Do you need some developers there? It has been 2 MONTHS in the most played mode of the game.
Kubilay Yazoglu


  • Well if everybody was getting this problem you would find a lot of reports. Since it's not the case this would be a very specific case and devs may just not be aware of it.

    Personally I never saw this problem. Are you starting a game and share a link that has /game/ in it instead of /challenge/? If yes then you can't play with a friend as the guesses will be messed up. You must create a challenge with a pro account.
  • Hey, the invitation link has '/challenge' in it. And yes, she is starting a game with a pro account.
    Kubilay Yazoglu
  • Hi, the problem has been solved. It was completely our mistake, sorry devs :P

    The problem was that I was in her account and wasn't aware of it the whole time. So when she invited me, Ijoined using her account. So everything is messed up.

    Thanks for helping.
    Kubilay Yazoglu

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