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The Flow of Battle Royale and why 50/50 ruins it

There have been threads about 50/50 before, and its general unpopularity, but I want to more specifically explain why it's damaging to the game flow, and probably achieves the opposite of what it's designed to do.

The only explanation I have of what the 50/50 is for is to make the game easier for beginners. That isn't necessarily a bad thing. I only actively started playin GeoGuessr with the release of BR and got a pro account just for it, so I know what it's like to start from nothing. However, the game is kind of self regulating, so it never felt like a problem to me.

The beauty of BR is that in the first round, everyone can win. You get to wait and see what wrong guesses come in, take your time to look around. It's highly educational, too, since from the wrong guesses you can get an idea of what other people think this looks like.

As the round progresses, it gets more difficult, and yes, you might get eliminated (but what kind of game would it be if you won a majority of games against stronger players?), but then you can hop in and start the process over again. This is what I did and slowly went from knowing nothing, to winning a decent number of games. GeoTips helped, as well.

In a way, BR is self-regulating. Harder locations take longer, easier locations might be over after the prelock phase. This is awesome, and leads to some really interesting, dynamic rounds. However, ever since the 50/50 was added, I cannot enjoy the hard rounds anymore, because always at the back of my mind is a nagging fear that someone will just click 50/50 and get it. It has effectively removed my favorite part of the game. None of that tension of "who will get it first?" as long as someone still has their 50/50.

So I'm asking you, please remove or rework the 50/50, or give an option to play without it. You had something exceptional there, and I really hope you bring it back.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


  • 100% agree, well explained the situation.
  • Totally, I just hope the devs will listen, since in the last update they made it so now you can use it during lock-in time which makes it even worse IMO
  • 50/50 would feel a lot more deserved if you had to earn them. Maybe finding a country the fastest in a round would give you a power up to use in the round after that.
  • My only issue with 50/50 is that in the final 1-2 rounds there is extreme pressure to produce the right answer. Sometimes I feel forced to use 50/50 for a quick response and then it offers 2 very similar countries (maybe exactly the ones I was considering) but then I'm forced to choose, can't even exit the 50/50 screen to look further. In that case I'm forced to make a coin flip, even though I normally have 90%+ accuracy given a bit of time. Not sure what is the good solution to this (except that I should just not use it unless I'm really out of ideas).
  • My suggestion is if two players arrive at the final and one has managed to save the 50/50 and the other hasn't, then let the final proceed with the player still keeping the 50/50 option, they earned the advantage. (Ideally I would prefer it though if the 50/50 button did not activate in the final until the timer bar is at the halfway point, since it gives the player without the button a more reasonable amount of time, but that may be a little too confusing, I don't know.)

    If however, both players arrive at the final with the 50/50 still intact then it gets removed from both players for the final, to make it a fully skilled showdown and not a rush to use the button. It would be evenly fair for both players and a good way to do the final.

    By doing it this way it would also lead to some interesting strategy options about whether to use the 50/50 button as you get close to the final - for example players might be more hesitant to use it in the round of 3 before the final, if they prefer doing the final with the buttons taken away.
  • it doesnt belong in the game. even win i win with it i feel guilty. it feels like i shouldn't have won. i used to just play without it, but everyone else uses it so you cant really win without it. its such a broken feature that ruins the game. they need to remove it all together..
  • This 50/50 Button is a joke! I thinking to quit Geoguessr. I am a gold Level 50+ and I'm tired of this game in this form! It has only to do with guessing (how boring) and no longer with knowing and finding out. Battle Royal was the Best of Geoguessr, but this way its a waste of Time!

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