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The Battle Royale is incredibly buggy for me.

Hello, whenever I play Battle Royale it's incredibly buggy. All my inputs are 5-10 seconds delayed (I'll click on a country, it'll load for like 5 seconds and finally say I got it or that I was wrong, which you can imagine hinders performance), sometimes the next round won't load for like half a minute so when I finally get in I have no time. Sometimes it'll never load and then suddenly I'll pop into it and it'll say I lost even though I didn't get to see the actual location in the first place, and the timer bar at the top is often wrong for me (it'll start with half time left, and then it says there's no time but it still goes for another 20 seconds).

I doubt it's an issue w/ my connection because no other website/game has this problem, and I'm also wired in using fiber optic internet w/ download speed of ~300mbps.


  • Hi Kai,

    Sorry for the late response! Do you still experience this issue? Is it the same problem if you try another browser or device (if possible) ?

    We had one player with the same issue with the timer being delayed, and a simple clear cache/cookies solved that.


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