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Thankes for nothing GeoGuessr!

Dear Geoguessr,
I was absolutely devastated upon returning to play Geoguessr after a long summer break to find you have now sold out and gone behind a paywall. I find this decision absurd due to the fact your game is just google maps with very little modification. I think you will come to see the stupidity in this decision when you stop focusing on corporate capitalist objectives and start to treat your customers with the respect and the decency they deserve. I truly hope you change this so called 'tweak' and return to the excellent free game service you where before otherwise another free online game will be sure to take your spot and your greed will be your downfall. I expect you will take this into account and act on my criticisms before it is too late and your game is confined into doom.
Unkind regards,
Joseph Dean (AS Economics Student)
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