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Terrible spawn and result accuracy

I spawned in a photosphere with very few movements possible inside a small stadium, the only name that apparead was "XinCheng Stadium". Started looking arround all China to find XinCheng but sure, couldn't. After a moment I was done, I looked on Google Maps to find it (XinCheng wasn't even the real city name), and put my cursor right on the spawn. Result, the spawn indicated wasn't even accurate at all. It was 250m away, not even close to the stadium!

Could you remove this location for the future players? My game url is, it was my fourth round.

And, why isn't there any button to report a map? I read that people started reporting hard map with this button but then who not just make two buttons? Did the idea of a "How hard was this map?" question after each game ever popped?

Thanks in advance!
Florent Banneux


  • Hi Florent,

    Sorry for the late reply and thanks for your feedback!
    I'll take a look at that location, thanks for letting us know.

    Yeah we've been talking about a report map, but the issue is that people might have very different perception of difficulty. One way to judge if a map is easy/hard is to look at the avg score on the map (that you'll find on the map page) that in combination with how many people who have played it might give an indication on the difficulty.

    sorry for the inconvenience and have a great day!


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