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Team Challenges

Hello everyone,

We'd like to play Geoguessr in our team event via zoom. We are about 20 people and my idea was to create so-called "break out sessions" on zoom with 4 people for each team. Then I'd like to send the URL to each team. The team with the most points wins. The time frame for each game is 5 minutes and I'd like to play 4 rounds. Does that sound possible? Can you help me with the technical settings?



  • Hi Celina,

    Sounds like a fun idea! Although at the moment we do not offer a solution like this.

    You can find more info on our different memberships here (Sounds like a group membership would be suitable):

  • Hi Celina, hi Filip,

    Thanks for bringing this topic up and thank you for the answer. We are planning quite the same but probably with more participants in total.

    Concercing the group membership:
    At what point do we have to name or register the concrete participants? Does every single one get an individual login? And will it be always these same participants or can they vary over the time of the abonnenement?
    Is there any free trial mode for a few days available for the group abonnements?
    Thank you and best regards,

  • Yes everyone needs to create an account for the time being. And then the one with the Group Plan can invite them to it so they get Pro.

    You can remove people from the plan and add new ones.

    You can email me to and we can sort something out if you want to try it.


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