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Teacher Feedback; Ad Choices

Hello Friends, I have loved Geoguessr for years in my classroom, ever since I stumbled upon it in college. Recently I noticed that I must disable my ad blocker in order to play for free. I completely understand the necessity for ads on your website, and I would love to keep using the service in my classrooms (my students love it as well) However, until ads for dating services and other inappropriate ads are removed I will advise my school to not use Geoguessr. Thank you for understanding,


  • Hi Jeff,

    Sorry about that.. We get this a lot and understand. Right now we're working on a new feature for teachers where you can get a group account and add your students email addresses so that no one needs to see any ads (and you as a teacher can build maps and track their progress etc) stay tuned for more updates!

  • Hello,

    Do you have an ETA on the teacher group account? I was hoping that this would be ready by the start of the 2019-20 school year since the ads have made the game unplayable at times in the classroom.

    Kyle Herring
  • Hi Kyle

    We added group accounts a while ago although they we've gotten some feedback on that they can be hard to find. For now they can be accessed under "group plans" on

  • Appreciate the response Kyle, I didn't know that was an option either. But there is no way, as a teacher, I'd be able to pay $70 a month for my class. That is insane. That's too bad, this is the year in my curriculum that we study world geography. But I won't be using geoguessr with that price tag.

  • Same. That is price is laughable. Show me a teacher who is able to pay those prices. I would need the $200 a month and that wouldn't even cover all of my students. What a joke!!
    Kyle Herring
  • Thanks for giving us an insight into your situation! We've currently discussing a few changes for teachers/educators, both in regards of making it more affordable as well as making in simpler to manage. Please stay tuned for updates!

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