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1) Include all Games (USA, UK, etc) on the "Front Page". Many users don't realize that are others areas if scroll down.
2) Allow the users to change the image. Especially if the image is of poor quality.
3) Allow the user to select a region of interest. (ie NYC, Paris, your home city, province)
4) Keeping adding more regions (ie Canada)
5) New Game: Distance away. Click on the map. It will tell you how far you are away. Keep clicking on the map until you hit the mark. You can also use it with compass directions.
6) Keep a record of all locations, if a user want to explore the area after the game

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  • Hey Robert. Thanks for all the nice suggestions. I'll try to comment on them:

    1) We've noticed that some users have a hard time finding the different games/maps/levels. This is something we need to make clearer.
    2) Great idea, as a compromise you might only want to allow one location / round to be changed.
    3) 4) We're working on bringing more specialized games and allowing players more options.
    5) Great idea for a new game mode. This is certainly something we'll bring up for discussion.
    6) We do keep a record of played games. In the most recent version you get a permalink to your result. Click on the menu button top left on the final result view and click share.

    Thanks so much for playing and all the excellent feedback.



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