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I've been playing Geoguessr for a while with friends now and I had some suggestions on how to make the site more user-friendly. For starters, there's no way to tell what map you're using when you play against someone unless they tell you which one they selected - it might be a good idea to put the title or location limits (like locations only within the U. S.) somewhere where people can see while they play.

Also, sending friend requests and finding users is not working as it should. I tried to search for a friend and they never showed up in the results list, and we had to figure out a way for me to find the permanent link to my profile to message him with it so he could add me to play. It was a really confusing process and could have been made a lot simpler.
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  • Hi Abby

    Thanks for the suggestion, and sorry for the late reply! Adding the map name to the challenge start info/game header sounds like a really nice idea, I'll bring it up with the team.
    Regarding the search we know that it has certain problems at the moment and we have it on our todo-list to improve it. If you're trying to search for a user with multiple words in the name, try to encapsulate the entire name in quotation marks to avoid partial matches.



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