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Suggestions for potential power ups in Battle Royale

Since power ups recently got added I figured the devs are looking for some suggestions for new power ups. Here is a small list of ideas, some better than others.

- Extra time: 10 seconds of extra time gets added to the timer when this power up has been activated
- Second chance: Teleports the player to a random new location in the same country
- Extra lives: Gives the player 2 extra hearts for 1 round
- Hide countries: Hide guessed countries from other players for 10 seconds.
- Hot or Cold: Show if countries that have been guessed are close (hot) or far away (cold) from the actual country.
- Show continent: State the continent of the country.
- Steal a heart: Steal a heart of a player of your choice. They'll lose a heart and you'll gain one. (probably not a good idea with the levelling system as higher leveled players would get targeted.)
- Reset a player: Teleports a player of your choice back to spawn (probably a bit annoying.)

This is just a lighthearted thread for potential power ups. Please don't discuss the idea of power ups in and of themselves or what you think of 50/50 in this thread.


  • Heyo Koen!

    Thats some cool power-ups for sure. Especially like Steal a heart one. I will add these on to our secret list of potential power-ups!


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