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Suggestions for Explorer Mode

As a person who plays Explorer Mode regularly, I have some suggestions that might help to make it a more enjoyable mode going forward. These come from the perspective of someone who is attempting to 25k each country.

- Currently the base error (x) in the smaller countries is around x=15m. As the countries get bigger, your leeway expands, but you need a fairly large country to take the minimum guess outside of x. I suggest making x=30, giving more base leeway.
- I'm not sure how feasible it is to remove photosphere/trekker coverage from a particular mode, but it is almost impossible to 5k a location from photosphere/trekker coverage. A particular shoutout has to go to the Galapagos coverage in Ecuador, as it's quite impossible to 5k nearly everything there. Many of these trekkers have no information and shouldn't really even be in the country streaks map in my opinion, as the user has absolutely no way of telling where they are. Haven't seen India yet, but I assume it has some trekkers around some temples with no information also.

As for country streaks, I would suggest either removing locations 10km around the border areas, or fixing the border polygons, or you will keep having people lose their streaks when they are in the correct country.

Anyway, here if you have some input or want to ask some questions back.



  • Hi Tiggy!

    I agree that Explorer Mode is dependant on the country/area and we have discussed something like that. That instead it should be a more flexible system depending on map and users results.

    We are working on the faulty locations for the Streaks, so hopefully we can get it sorted soon. In the meantime we can revive them based on the Game-ID.


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