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Suggestion: Undo Moves - Multiple Checkpoints

Sometimes google streetview is super glitchy. You click in one direction and it sends you in the totally wrong direction, sometimes behind you and to the side 3-4 blocks. I get that these are google streetview bugs and that you can't really help that. The worst issue is this sometimes results in getting stuck somewhere you can't escape from. You can of course reset to start, but if you have traveled extremely far from the start this can kill your chance at winning a round entirely.

What would help is an undo move queue so that in the case that we get teleported to a location we can't get out of due to a bug we don't have to fully reset ourselves to the start. All you would need to do is track the last 10 or so coordinates in the browser and have an undo button that could teleport you back. It would be basically the same logic as the checkpoint except each time you click you would just go one move back.

While you're doing this, multiple checkpoints would also be useful. Sometimes I find multiple useful signs, but they won't be very useful until I know what country or city I am in. Also sometimes I find a more useful sign after already checkpointing a previous sign and it seems there's no way to clear that checkpoint and set a new one, I can only go back to that checkpoint. Simply adding a list of A, B, C, D, etc. checkpoints which I can travel to or reset would make the game much more fun to play.

Lastly, do you take community code contributions? I'm sure you guys are generally pretty busy, but since the desktop client is just javascript I'm sure some community members would be happy to provide working code drafts for features like this so that your time to implement would be much faster. The mobile clients would be a bit more difficult, but it might be worth looking into.


  • There is already a undo feature. Just click the arro button above the checkpoint button (or use the Z key). You can undo a lot of moves.

    As for more checkpoints, it would make the game even easier and it's not necessary. One checkpoint is enough.

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