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Suggestion for location picking - large maps


First of all, allow me to quickly thank you for the work you've been doing over the years. I've been a player for more than 6 years and I keep coming back to the game.

I recently started making my own maps and I would like to suggest something regarding how the locations are being chosen when people play a game.

My map has around 860 manually placed locations all around the world at the moment. Recently, I noticed someone got a perfect score playing it, but here's the thing. The person got two locations only a few kilometers away from each other among the 5 rounds (the one in Murmansk: I thought it was a little bit disappointing that two points so close could be chosen for the same game. It's not a big deal, of course, but it made me thing about the possibility to prevent this from happening:

I thought it could be possible, if the map is wide and diverse enough, to prevent the game from choosing another location on the same map within, let's say 5-10km.

Again, it's just an idea and I'm grateful for everything else.

Thank you!


  • Just noticed this part isn't clear:

    "let's say 5-10km"

    I mean 5-10km away from where another location has already been selected.
  • Hi Frederic,

    That would be a setting that make sense, to be able to change the probability of similar locations or something similar. Instead of it being completely random as it is now. 

    Thanks for this. I have raised it with the gang!

  • Thank you for your reply Filip.

    I'd say usually, random gives very good results. However, being able to choose not to play within a certain distance of other points played in the same game could be interesting for people who enjoy more diverse locations. Maybe a perk for Pro members?
  • Yeah definitely! Will see what we can do!


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