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Suggestion for improving Daily Challenge ranking to mitigate cheaters

We all know cheating is problem with the daily challenge - breaks the entire leaderboard.

It may be impossible to ban these players, and impossible to stop cheating due to Google's API, people playing maps twice, etc. But the site *can* improve how scores are shown to reduce the problem. Instead of a top leaderboard, which actually gives people incentive to cheat - only show the 'average' score among the entire community of players. "You scored 18,000, the average is 14,000." "Congrats, you scored in the top 15% of 10,000 players." Going further, it could display a graph charting the range of scores, a proximity heatmap, etc.

Nobody needs to see the top trolls who got 25,000 pinpointing middle of nowheres - this kind of anonymity and using larger pool of scores would not only help stop them, but also give the community more relevant data for each map set, our ability, difficulty, etc.

Hope this makes sense and would like to hear other ideas.


  • Hi Ryan!

    Thanks for the suggestion, we have discussed something like this when we are working on increasing the Stats-part of the game šŸ˜€


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