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Suggestion for a new feature


I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a new feature that would allow you to create a challenge by selecting five pins from a map that you've created. This would make it much easier to deal with larger maps that you are creating multiple challenges for and would like to specifically choose the locations rather than keep creating challenges until the right pins are randomly selected. I like to create series of challenges from my maps, and right now I have to open up the editor in two tabs and remove all of the pins I don't want in that challenge in one of them, save and create the challenge, then resave the tab that I didn't touch so all of the locations are added back to the map again. This also comes with the problem of the area covered by the map shrinking, so I usually leave the furthest most pins in, then have to click through dozens of challenges just to get it to pick the right five locations out of eight or nine. Hopefully that makes sense, I think it would be a good feature to implement that would save a lot of time.

Thank you,


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