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Suggestion - Continent Streaks for quick learning

I love geoguessr and think you have really come along way and drastically improved the platform.

I see that competitive streaks are on the way, which I am really excited about.

My recommendation (or request) would be: can we introduce continent streaks.
At the moment there is the option for "world" or "US States". If there was a "South America" country streak or "Asia" i feel this would be a good/efficient way to learn how to identify these countries.
At the moment you could play 5 rounds of a" South American map/game " but it feels much more convoluted than the speed and efficiency of the streak modes.

Not sure if I have done a good job explaining this?

Anyway keep up the good work!



  • I second this
  • Thanks for the suggestion!

    We have been discussing more game modes and other features so new players can get some more onboarding in the beginning, so hopefully we can introduce some of these in the future 😃

  • It could be a bit trippy when it comes to Turkey Russia or where the boundary of Europe and Asia are.

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