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Subscription Charge

Hello, I meant to cancel my subscription before my trial period ends. Is there any way I can get a refun for the $23.88 that was charged to my card yesterday? Thanks, Paul


  • i cancelled my pro subricption and still got charged money of my card emailed the support line with no response im left here waiting with money missing that i didnt need to pay
  • Hi,

    Send an email to

  • Yep. Same here guys. Got charged 23.88 and my account doesn’t even have a subscription. I canceled a year ago. Even after I got charged I get on the app and still don’t have a subscription. If y’all are going to illegally take my money at least let me play what I paid for. Or give me my money back
  • Yeah I got your email. And we do not charge accounts that do not have pro. It is on another account than this one.
  • getting charged 23.88 for a shit game, what the fuck is wrong with you guys.Give me my fucking money back
  • no warning or anything, just takes the money out of your account, Straight shameless
  • Change your tone if you want any help. There is not even an account on this email. So send one to with the email to the account or a link to it.
  • I have cancelled my subscription today 06/04/2022 and I'm wanting to know if I will still be charged when my subscription runs out?
    George Ellis
  • No it will not automatically be renewed next year, but you will still have access for the year you have already paid for.

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