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Stuck Panoramas and Larger Map?

Hi guys,

Here are a couple of suggestions I emailed a while back (so these are based on original version).

Please get rid of the stuck panoramas, those scenes where there are no Street View navigation arrows. I don't want to be placed where I can't move around. It is extremely frustrating to spend an hour or more getting perfect scores for rounds 1 through 4 only to get stuck in one of these for the last round, ruining my chance for a big score.

It would be great to have a larger guessing map window, switchable to satellite & terrain view as with GoogleMaps. Perhaps in a resizable window?




  • Hello Jaguarfeather. About the stuck panoramas we've been talking about removing all streetview locations without any neighbors, i.e. those without any walking options. However, this is currently in a very early stage, and I don't know if we'll be able to push it out during the beta phase. The guessing map have also been a major topic of discussion in the beta phase and we are likely to release updated in that department.

    Thanks for playing the beta and also taking the time to provide us with valuable feedback. This really helps us further improve the experience.

  • Thanks, Erland!
    Glad you all are updating it, considering our ideas, and communicating to players.

  • Alright so it's been 6 years and this still just happened to me. (Also the panorama was geotagged wrong so I lost my perfect score despite finding the place after all)
    What's up with that?
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