Stuck on the iphone tutorial

I’m stuck on the tutorial because there are no arrows.
Even if I try to touch the zone indicated nothing happens.
I’m trying to play from an iPhone 13 mini.

Thanks in advance for the support

Gabriele Carbone


  • Hi, there is currently an issue with the tutorial on iOS which we are looking into resolving. I would recommend playing through the browser (Where the tutorial works) or through desktop.
  • Ok, perfect
    Do you know (approximately) when the bug will fixed?
    Thanks a lot for the fast response!!

    Gabriele Carbone
  • No, it all depends on when the new update is approved. So thats hard to tell when it will be Im afraid.
  • Hi Filip,
    Just wanna let you know that now it works (at least on my phone)!
    Thank you so much for the support,

    Gabriele Carbone
  • Great, glad the update was approved and solved the issue 🙂

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